Monday, July 30, 2012

"Penny's Birthday Breakfast......"

Our good friend Penny had a "special" birthday last Friday.  Don had taken the day off so we invited Penny and Sheila to go out for breakfast.  Happily, they accepted.

In preparation for Penny's birthday, I wove her a silk scarf using a 100% silk lace weight yarn.  I've used this silk before and had woven a scarf in plain weave using only 1 skein.  I found out (which I should have known) that weaving a twill pattern uses more yarn and had to make an emergency run to Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in Mount Horeb on Tuesday!

I finished weaving her scarf on Wednesday, twisted the fringe, wet finished and blocked it that evening, then waited for it to dry.

By the way, I wove it using my Ashford, 8 shaft, 24" Table Loom.......

We met Penny and Sheila at Manna, a favorite breakfast place of theirs.

After we ate, it was time for the birthday girl to open her present.  To add some anticipation, Don had set her present on the table next to her, where it sat until breakfast was eaten!  LOL

I'm happy to say that Penny was very pleased with her scarf.

Woven by "this little old weaver", me.   ;)

I learned a few things from this weaving experience.  #1- A twill pattern uses more yarn.  #2- A twill scarf is a bit heavier/thicker.

Although too heavy to be the Summer scarf I had envisioned, Penny tells me it will be perfect for Fall with it's slightly thicker weave.


Molly Bee said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!

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Janice Zindel said...

Beautiful scarf, I'm sure she will enjoy wearing it often!