Thursday, July 19, 2012

"A Going Away Party......."

Neighbors John and Kira, and their 2 children are moving to Portland, OR in a few weeks.  They had a big going away party last Sunday which Don and I attended.  It was yet another good time here in the neighborhood.  We got to sit and chat with some neighbors we don't see very often, plus enjoy some really good food, too.  Food seems to be the center of all our social events, doesn't it?   ;)

Their large house, along with a smaller 1 bedroom house which sits behind theirs, will be rented out until a later date when they plan on putting the properties up for sale.  Kira had brought the renters of their large house to meet us during a happy hour, and Don met the guy who is renting the small house at the party.  They all seem a good addition to the neighborhood.

John, who is originally from California, hauled this old wooden boat of his Grandmother's, to their Midwestern yard.  The guy renting the small house (sorry, I don't know his name) has been busy building a dock (and deck) next to the boat.  It was a big hit during the party.   ;)  

And not only by the "little" kids......"bigger" kids enjoyed it, too........

I wonder who spent the most time in the boat......Don or some of the "little" kids?   ;)

I'm joined by neighbor, Loren, for a bite to eat.  As you can see, our seats were lengths of logs and our table was an old stone grinding wheel(?).

Don finally gave up his seat in the boat and then took this really nice family portrait of Lonny and Charlie, with son, Griffin.

We say all the time that Griffin is the happiest little guy we have ever seen.  This photo helps support our claim........   ;)

As you can tell, our time at the party revolved around the area of the boat.  :)  It was another good time in the neighborhood, even though it was held to say goodbye.......

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