Friday, July 27, 2012

"Baby Shower......"

Nate, a co-worker of Dons, and his wife Jaime, were given a baby shower Wednesday by his fellow department members.  How appropriate is this first gift they received?  DFM stands for Department of Family Medicine.

Nate's "job" was to read the cards and Jaime's was to open the packages.  Jaime prepares to open the gift from us......

I knitted them a baby blanket......

Kathy, who organized the shower...........

Crocheted Nate and Jaime a baby blanket, too.

Kathy was a "tad" upset because the room that had been scheduled for the shower was found to be occupied by a "NON-SCHEDULED" group, so the shower had to be moved at the last minute (literally!) to this room, which gave it more of a "seminar setting".  Here is a photo of the other attendees (current co-workers and some retirees as well).

I was pleased to be able to "catch up" with Sandy (of Sandy and Rod-

Kathy did a wonderful job (especially with the last minute move) of organizing the gathering.  Nate and Jaime are a very nice couple and we all look forward to their baby's arrival.....oh.....they are expecting a little girl in case you didn't get that when seeing Kathy's crocheted blanket.   ;)  We all wish them the very best!

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