Thursday, March 10, 2011


We woke up to a beautiful snowy landscape yesterday. Beautiful, but VERY wet and heavy snow. Close to around 5" of it.

I'm sure there were many snowmen made yesterday, because the snow packed wonderfully.

These next 2 views are from when I went out to shovel the drive and steps after it had quit snowing.

The white truck at the far end of the street tried to go down Glenwood Street (STEEP hill!!!!), but began sliding. The driver was able to get it under control and get it back up onto Gregory Street, then continued in reverse all the way down to Briar Hill (the cross street in the above photo). It was very apparent that he was telling me the story with a bit of an "adrenaline high". ;) I know after a scare like that, my blood would have been racing!

By afternoon, the streets were once more clear and just wet.....the new snow having been plowed and its residue melted.

It may not look like Spring is getting closer after waking up to that, but the temperatures are rising and snow is melting quickly after falling.....that says something, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Super wet, super sticky. We got the same batch dumped on us here in TC. Here I was expecting green grass by St. Patrick's Day.

Nice pics though!