Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"A Visit Plus........."

Lonny and Charlie came to visit the "home bound" patient last weekend. Charlie baked a blueberry coffee cake (which "was" delicious, by the way)....bringing it over and staying for a visit.

The "Cryo-Cuff" at work. The hose is connected to a cooler, which is filled with ice water. During my stay in the hospital, there is an electric pump connected to it which circulates the ice water continually. Unfortunately, pumps are not sent home with patients, but the cooler and cuff are, and they work very well on their own.

I really am quite comfortable, but yes, I am more than ready to be back in commission, too. :)

Lonny, with Copper looking longingly at his coffee cake. :)

For those of you who might get a little squeamish at the sight of surgery incisions......stop here. ;)

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MollyBeees said...

Oh My Gosh! Poor Baby! That's quite a zipper you have there! Looks like you'll 'kneed' a little time to come back after that! Feel better!