Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's No Knees Like New Knees

This is Don posting for Michael, who had his first of two knee replacement surgeries yesterday morning. The surgery went well except for a bit of a glitch with the anesthesia, which they had to wake him up to readminister. Fortunately he has no recollection of that at all.

Here he is proudly modeling his hospital finest before going under (we'll spare you the picture of the sparse other side):

We'll try not to take it personally that his underwear came back from surgery in a biohazard bag:

That's not a party cooler by his leg (I think he gets that tomorrow), but a knee "air conditioner". Everybody should have one:

They don't waste any time getting you moving after surgery. He'll be headed to the exercise room today already. He's determined that he will be out bicycling like normal (or better than normal) this summer, so I'm sure will do whatever they tell him to. Well, maybe not jumping jacks. Yet.

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MollyBeees said...

Oh no! Please give him a smooch and a hug from me and tell him that I hope he's feeling better soon. I have a special empathy for folks who are off their feet due to surgery. Now he'll have LOTS of knitting time!