Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"The Holiday's in North Dakota....."

Maniphone was busy this year in the kitchen, making all sorts of treats for the holiday's. These little truffles took her much longer than anticipated, but from what has been said, they were very much appreciated!

The process of rolling the ganache in crushed candy canes......

A close up the the finished truffle!

The holiday's seemed to be all about food for Maniphone, Jonathan, Simon, and Henry. ;) Maniphone made these little "stuffed" pancakes, using this new pan. A little pancake batter, some "stuffing" of left over ganache and bananas, a little more pancake batter, bake/fry(?), and "presto changeo", a little stuffed breakfast treat. Maniphone said it was like eating dessert for breakfast. Looks and sounds good to me! :)

Ringing in the New Year had the same theme.....FOOD! LOL The men of the clan are enjoying all of the special things that Mom/Maniphone gathered together for the New Years Eve Feast!

Ringing in the new year are from left to right: Simon (tipsy on too much food!), Maniphone, and Henry.

They, along with Don and I, wish everyone a Happy New Year! :)

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Maniphone said...

Thanks for the dedication! I have an itch to make more of those stuffed pancakes? Want to come over?