Sunday, April 12, 2015

"About Time, eh?"

I finally sat down after months of silence to write a blog post. Amazing, eh?  ;)

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day for doing some outdoor Spring work. The day dawned bright and sunny with a somewhat mild temperature, which only gained warmth as the day progressed.

Don started us off by washing a few of the windows inside and out.....

I set up the pop up greenhouses.....yep, I said "houses".  We bought another to add to last years because I have planted more varieties of seeds this year and need more room when I set them out to harden off in the greenhouse.

Here is last years greenhouse that I set up this morning. I set it up with the doors facing the opposite direction than I had last year. I wasn't able to easily reach one of the doors last year to unzip it, so decided to have it this direction this I wanted to add the 2nd greenhouse to it as seamlessly as possible. Both greenhouses are 5'x5'. With both set up, I now have a 5'x10' greenhouse.

I installed the potting benches and the 55 gallon drum, filling the drum with water so it can begin gaining solar heat to help temper the fluctuation of daytime and nightime temperatures........gaining heat during the day and releasing it at night. I also had several kitty litter buckets that Patrick and Julie had given me, so those, too, were filled with water to serve the same purpose. Those, along with numerous gallon milk jugs filled with water, will "hopefully" do as I hope with the temperature fluctuation.

Here is what the two look like attached together.

I also laid the plastic sheeting, which is weighed down on opposite ends with 2'x4'x8' lumber (that I had configured for the  hoop raised bed), over the top of the 2 greenhouses.  It will protect the area where the two come together, plus perhaps give the greenhouses a layer of extra warmth due to the dead air space between them.

Now to let the filled containers soak up solar heat until I am ready to move seedlings out into the greenhouses.


KatoWi said...

You were missed!

Barb said...

Welcome back! I missed you!