Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Don's First Riding Lesson Continued......"

After everyones help with getting Baby ready, Don was up in the saddle awaiting the next step in the lesson.

His stirrups needed lengthening, so with Julie on one side and Patrick on the other, they were adjusted to fit comfortably.

After he once again settled in the saddle and with adjustments completed, he gently nudges Baby into moving forward.

Baby is an excellent beginning riders mount as she smoothly follows Patrick around the riding arena.

Patrick then tells Don how to get Baby to move along following only his guidance.  Up until then, Baby had been basically following Patrick around the arena.

Don is then on his own in the arena with Patrick giving suggestions and advice from further away...

Don did an excellent job with following Patricks advice and soon had Baby riding in a figure eight pattern.

With his lesson over, Don spent some time talking with Baby and thanking her for a great lesson, while Patrick made sure her saddle and bridle were back in their proper place. ;)

Then Baby was led back to her pasture to join the other horses......

After Baby was safely in her pasture, Patrick went back to the barn to close everything up and Don joined Julie and Abigail in walking out in another pasture to get a closer view of some mares with their foals.

Of course, as they were heading back, the stallion and a mare also wanted some attention.  :)

We got into our respective cars and headed home, with plans to meet them in Traverse City at The Mackinaw Brewing Company later that afternoon for dinner to celebrate their 6th anniversary.  I KNOW!!! 6 years already!!!!  Abigail made us promise several times that we would meet them later. ;)

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