Monday, September 15, 2014

"2014 Northern Home and Cottage Tour"

Don and I went to the the 2014 Northern Home and Cottage Tour on Saturday.  There were 10 places on the tour but we only were able to make it to 4 of them due to a later start AND the distance between each place on the tour.

We began with the 1st home listed, which was on Torch Lake (  It is a beautiful home but "a bit much" for my tastes.

Next we went to a place located on the shore of East Bay.  If it had been the only place we had visited, it would have been enough for the tour.  ;)  IT IS FANTASTIC!  It was a private home but has since been donated to a non-profit organization.  (

We took photos of it but there are many photos on the link ( which will be more informative.  DEFINITELY check it out!  "My" favorite bedroom was "Michigan".

Behind the tree/bush in the previous photo is where this next photo was taken.

Our next stop was on Old Mission Peninsula, although we did not take any photos (

The last home we toured was also on Old Mission Peninsula, but towards the center of the Peninsula amongst the fields and orchards (

It was a very enjoyable day!

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