Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Don's First Horseback Riding Lesson........"

Julie and Patrick offered to teach Don how to horseback ride.  Don had ridden a horse back in 1969 when he went to Chile and Argentina after graduating from high school, but he had not been given any instruction.  Seeing those photos of him "back in the day" of him galloping along,  we're very fortunate he survived his first time riding.  ;)

Patrick puts a halter on "Baby" (behind "Baby", on the right), while Julie, Don, and Abigail look on......I am by the gate to the pasture taking photos and ready to open the gate for them to come out.  Crystal, a young pup and one of the resident Doberman's, runs around in the pasture.

After bringing Baby into the barn, Baby is cleaned up in preparation for putting her saddle and bridle on.  Don is given instructions on this aspect of horseback riding and then participates in getting Baby ready.

As you can see, Abigail participates as well.

I'm getting this look because I needed to move so Patrick could "pick" Baby's back hoof.  :)

Abigail and Grandpa Don at work......

Yep.....perfect example of our "no fear" Abigail!  She's letting Baby know where she is.......

Don wearing Patrick's riding helmet and enjoying a moment with Bella, young Crystal's Mom.

We have so many photos of yesterdays lesson, that I am breaking it into a couple of blog posts.  To be continued.......

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