Monday, April 21, 2014

"Sowing New Seeds and Repotting Seedlings...."

Even though I have our "pop up" greenhouse set up on the deck, I am waiting a few more days before moving our seedlings out into it during the day.  I want the water in the 55 gallon plastic drum to have a chance to really warm up by not opening the greenhouse for several days, making the most of the solar gain.  Once I begin setting the potted seedlings in it during the daytime, I will have to have the 2 doors opened to regulate the heat so as not to overheat and bake the plants.  :)

So, below I have some newly planted Heritage Beefsteak seeds (2 varieties) sitting under both Aero Garden lights.  The Lavender seeds I planted (in the plastic cover mini greenhouses) have not shown any sprouting as yet, but I live in hope to see some soon.  I gave up on the Heritage California Bell Peppers sprouting and used those soil filled peat pots for a few beefsteak seeds.

As you can see in the above photo, I have small Marigold seedlings sprouted in little "Jiffy Peat Plugs" that will soon be repotted into larger, soil filled peat pots.  Other seedlings from an earlier sowing have been repotted into larger soil filled peat pots, too.......Basil in the above photo and everything else in the lower photo.

The two oldest of my tomato seedlings (Wild Thyme and Hana) have been repotted into a large container that will be set out on the deck as an experiment in "container growing".  :)

I thought I should add a photo of the Ginger Root, too, that I had planted back in December 2013.  It is sending up more new shoots and I think I will soon be repotting it into a larger pot and have it on the deck this Summer, too.

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