Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Follow Up on Fruit Trees and Seedlings in the Greenhouse....."

I planted 3 of our 6 fruit trees yesterday.  With our soil basically being sand, I amended the "fill in" soil with commercial compost and peat moss, spreading the unused soil from the hole I dung, in the woods.

4 of the 6 fruit trees are self pollinating so could be planted anywhere without regards to needing another tree for pollinating it.  I planted our sweet cherry, "Stella", probably the largest tree when mature, out in front of the house, far from where any snow sliding off the roof could land on it.  ;)

Both of our peaches were planted fairly close to each other, near the arbor in what might be considered "the side yard".

Our "Reliance" Peach is centered in the "stone lined raised bed" and our "Red Haven" Peach is planted in a bed to the right (in this photo) of the arbor.  I never cleaned it out, nor either of the ones on the sides of the arbor last Summer due to the plants having grown so much by the time I started yard work after moving in, that I was afraid I might damage something.......AND, there were ENORMOUS spiders living in the old vegetation.   UGH!!  ;) Here is a photo of 2 of them last Summer, and, as you can see, the one closest, which I have planted the fruit tree in, has several "tree stumps" in it along with many, many iris, day-lillies, and other "unknown" plants..........

I removed all of the tree stumps (planning on using them again, but perhaps not in this bed), raked out the old debris and planted our "Red Haven" Peach.  I'll be working more on this bed later after plants have grown a bit so I can see what they are before thinning them out and/or transplant them. 

I have one sour cherry tree left to plant, which is self pollinated, and 2 apple trees, both of which will pollinate each other.  I will, of course, post an update when they are planted.  :)

The seedlings that I started in the house are spending some time out in the greenhouse.  It has been too cold some days for the tomato plants to go out, except when the sun is shining, but I now leave the broccoli seedlings in it full time.  They are more cold tolerant and can take the dips in temperature on cloudy days and the low nightly temperatures.  I think the 55 gallon drum filled with water has helped keep the temperature from falling too low in the greenhouse during the night.  Each day I open the tops of the doors so the greenhouse doesn't become too warm for the plants........even cool, partially sunny days require the doors to be open because the greenhouse heats up very quickly!

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Dawn from Camano Island said...

You've been busy--everything looks fantastic! Your fruit bowl will be overflowing in 2-3 years!