Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Greenhouse Set Up....."

Yesterday seemed a good day to set up our "pop up" greenhouse.  I decided to set it up on the deck, so instead of using the stakes and tie downs that come with the greenhouse, I went to Menards and bought 8 cement blocks to set along the inside edge of the greenhouse (on top of a plastic lip that goes all the way around the inside), which will also give some mass for solar heat gain, too.

Don, of course, was there to document the set up.  ;)

The day was overcast and somewhat cool, but it wasn't long before I shed the flannel shirt because it was warmer in the greenhouse.  ;) Plus, I was moving cement blocks, expending energy, and I break out in a sweat just thinking about exercise.  ;)

When we moved here, this 55 gallon plastic drum had been left behind by the previous owners and it is now being put into use.  I filled it with water so that when the greenhouse heats up, the water inside will gain warmth, then release it during the night and overcast days, keeping the temperature warmer of the greenhouse warmer than the outside air........"I hope".  :)  That is my plan......between the water and cement blocks, I'm hoping their mass absorbs and retains the solar heat, keeping the inside greenhouse temperature from fluctuating too widely.  This means, of course, that I must open the door to let in air during the day (after the water has heated up enough) when I have plants in the greenhouse so that they don't overheat.  

I also bought a digital thermometer that will allow me to know what the high and low temperatures inside the greenhouse have been each day, too.  It gives a reading of the temperature where the main unit is placed (as of now, this would be at plant height) and another reading of where the other sensor is (at the end of the white cord), which is on the floor of the greenhouse.  I am hoping to hang the main unit closer to the top of the greenhouse, stretching the cord for the other sensor so I will have a better knowledge of the range of temperature from top to bottom.

Here it is all set up and gaining solar heat.  :)  It will take a few nice sunny days to heat up all that water.  When I see that the solar mass has moderated the inside temperature, not allowing the temperature to dip too low at night, I will then begin to move some of the seedlings I've started in the house into the greenhouse so they can grow with better light and also harden off.  The greenhouse came with a mesh shade cloth, too, so that may be needed to help temper the heat as well.

It got so warm inside the greenhouse while I was working I decided to wear a headband to soak up sweat as well as to keep my hair from falling into my eyes.  When Don saw me he called me "Jerry Garcia", so I added a photo of Jerry, too.  I admit there may be a "slight" resemblance if I had more hair on top.....and played the guitar.   ;)

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