Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Refacing Continues....."

I don't have too much to show today.  A few snags are causing a bit of a slow down.  Some of the large sheets of Maple that are used in covering the ends and backs of the cabinets are not lying flat as they should, so Tim has had to call the company he gets them from and "have a chat" about them.  He also had me take a few photos and send them in an email to the guy at the company.

But I do have a few photos to show more of what has been installed.  All the framing around the lower cabinets has been completed.

And most of the undersides of the upper cabinets......

One of the "issues" that Tim is dealing with is the back of the peninsula section that holds the dishwasher, oven, and 2 cabinets.  He wasn't happy with how it "felt" (his word was it seemed too squishy), so he took the old dark panel off and will be adding some extra support to that area.

As you may imagine, cooking our dinner each night has been "interesting".  Thankfully, Tim does move things around at the end of the day that allows me access to the stove/oven and sink, but I have to bring in all of our cooking, eating, and washing up supplies in from the front room.......and then put everything back afterwards.  As exciting as the whole updating process is, I will be very happy to have it all completed so I can be FULLY back into my kitchen.   ;)  

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