Monday, January 7, 2013

"Back to the Kitchen Updating...."

Rob and Franklin were here the end of last week working on the prep to hang the new exhaust fan/hood.

Here is what the area looked like prior to last Thursday.

Not only did they have to cap the soffit end, but they also had to re-configure the ceiling opening, framing it in so that it can support the new fan/hood, then add drywall and begin the mudding process.

Their time was spent in and out of the attic, making adjustments, etc.  I should mention that Rob also contracted to get the electrical work done properly, bringing in Oz, whom Don and I have met previously, so the new hood now has its own circuit breaker.

So....once again the mudding process has begun......."BUT"............the mudding may have to wait for a few days.  :)  Tim, our cabinet guy, delivered the new Maple doors and drawers on Friday, and is scheduled to start refacing the cabinets TODAY!!!!!!   YEA!!!!!!

Here is what they look like........

What a difference, eh?  We are quite anxious to see how much brighter the kitchen will be with the light Maple.  I'll certainly keep you posted.  ;)

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