Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Growing Our Own Mushrooms......"

Claire gave me this little "Mushroom Garden" for Christmas. It will grow Oyster Mushrooms and is from a very interesting company called "Back To The Roots".  (

It actually has 2 sides for growing the little beauties.  Once this side has produced its crop of Oyster Mushrooms, the back side is opened and the same done from there.

So far, no sign of any growth, but I think it is because I have them in the kitchen which has been a bit cooler since the removal of the exhaust fan.  We have plastic covering the hole in the ceiling, but I'm sure it is allowing more heat to escape than what it would with an installed exhaust fan (that will be installed after the refacing of the cabinets).

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Molly Bee said...

My friend got one of these and used it as a home school project for her kits. It grew mushrooms like crazy for longer than predicted on the package. They loved it!