Friday, August 7, 2015

"Time for Kale Chips"

I decided it was time to make some kale chips today. We have several plants and I have been keeping an eye on them to make a decision as to when I had enough decent sized leaves to make the dehydrating effort worthwhile. Today was that day.

After cutting the leaves, the stems needed to be removed, leaves washed, spun dry (using our salad spinner), and they were ready to be bagged for their drizzling of olive oil.

I then laid them out in a single layer on the trays of the dehydrator and sprinkled them with popcorn salt.......this time using "Ranch" flavor.

After loading several trays, the top was put on, time set for 1 hour at 130 degrees, after which I will set the drying temperature down to 120 degrees for the rest of the drying process. I will set the timer for a good number of hours, due to not remembering how long it took from them to dry in the past. :)

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