Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Don's New Tent........"

Don has been chomping at the bit to get his new tent and set it up in one of our clearings in our woods. For those who do not know this, he had one set up last year but made the mistake of keeping it up a day too long into Fall. We had a heavy, wet snowfall, earlier than expected, and it damaged the tent beyond repair. So......this year he has found a larger tent, and LOVES it!

Last Friday Patrick, Julie, and Abigail came up and Patrick took down a few select trees that Don wanted gone before he set up his new tent. Yesterday, Don cleaned up the clearing, moving the cut logs and raking up the debris. He then took a break and we drove to Menards to buy some indoor/outdoor carpeting to lie underneath the tent floor. He had trouble with "things" trying to regrow under last years tent so wanted something substantial between the tent floor and the ground.

Once we returned with the carpeting, he was out and back to work! :)

First, the main frame had to be assembled.

Don follows directions very well. :)  Next, the tent was attached underneath the frame, followed by the tent fly stretched and attached to the frame.

Then legs inserted into the frame.......

Once everything was up and attached, he then arranged the legs, making sure the tent material was properly stretched before securing it to the ground with tent stakes.

Now for a few photos of the interior and surrounding area. The front screened in porch has zippers on both sides and can be used as a door, but the tent also has a door on the backside, too, plus another inside door that allows one to close off the inside room from the screened porch. The large inside room can be divided into 2 rooms, too, but Don is leaving it as one large room.

This shows the rear entrance.

And this shows the door to the screened porch.

This next photo shows where the tent clearing is located compared to our house clearing. Our house is way back and to the left of the tent.

Fortunately, mosquito season has not begun yet, so working outside has been quite nice. Once the mosquitoes hatch, we'll have to spray ourselves each time we go outside......."if" we want to retain our blood.  ;)

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