Thursday, May 7, 2015

"A Little Outside Work......"

While Don blazed some new trails in our woods, I did some transplanting of seedlings into their permanent spots in one of the raised beds.

As you may remember, I made a hinged frame and attached the hoops (formerly attached to the raised bed) to it, covering them with semi clear plastic. I figured it was time to transplant some of the heat loving tomato seedlings into it. I decided to plant one each of the 5 varieties of tomato seedlings, hoping they will thrive and I will have tomatoes earlier than usual. I also planted some bush green beans, kale, and sweet basil seeds, too, since the bed will have quite warm soil, so should have ideal sprouting conditions. The hooped top will, of course, be lowered to cover the raised bed overnight.

I also decided the "strawberry bags" would have to be hung up, going against what Park Seed Company's suggestions were. They have been lying flat for a week (2 weeks was suggested) but I have had a hard time making sure they were well watered, so I hung the bags, added more potting soil to the open top and planted a few more strawberry plants which I took from one of the raised beds in the garden. They are now thoroughly and easily watered.  :) Originally I planned on hanging them from shepherds hooks, but decided this might be the better way to go.

And why not plant more of the cherry tomato varieties in their permanent hanging pot? I have 3 varieties and have one each of 2 and 2 of the 3rd variety because there were 2 of them in the peat pot. Hopefully the one with less roots will survive, but if not 3 tomato plants will do fine in the pot, too. This huge hanging pot will stay inside the greenhouse until the nighttime temperatures stay consistently warm.

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