Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Little Studio Deck Changes......."

Here is a photo of the little studio with the old deck.  We had planned replacing the little deck with something a bit larger (and less rotten!) with the "assumption"that the large round logs at the top of the steps were an integral part of the decks structure, but found that was not the case.  Nice looking as they were, it didn't make sense to continue having them as part of the new deck.

After Rick, of Soper Services (http://soperservices.com), had taken the moldy and rotten planks off of the old deck, making it possible to see the support structure, it was immediately understood that a new approach/design was needed in replacing the deck.  Don and I chose the more direct, and less expensive solution, going with a rectangular design.

Don cut down the White Pine that was growing too large/too close to the building, making a wider deck possible.  We also decided that once the deck was built, we would have Dave and Rick switch which way the screen door opened.

Using cement "biscuits" (a term I had not know before), the new deck now had a sturdy foundation that would not rot, as the old posts in the ground had done.

Yes, this new deck is definitely much safer!

It is true that it isn't organically shaped like the one it replaced, but we like the looks of it none the less.

Here is how it looks completed and with the screen door opening the opposite way from the old deck.

There is even room for a chair.  ;)

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