Monday, October 6, 2014

"Harvesting the Ginger Root....."

After planting a ginger root sometime in December 2013...........and waiting a few weeks before seeing these little shoots beginning to emerge........I made an effort to take "growth photos" every once in awhile.

This is a photo I took in late January 2014.  Am I jogging any memories?

Or how about this one from April 2014?  :)

Near the end of June it had been time to transplant the ginger plant to a larger pot before setting it out on the deck for the Summer.

This photo was taken almost 5 weeks later.  As you can see, it loved being outside in full sun!

The previous photo is the last one I had taken of the plant prior to harvesting, which took place a few days ago.  I figured with the continuing cooler outdoor temperatures, it was time.  This is what they looked like after I had taken them out of the their pot, having trimmed the leaves/shoots at soil level.

After letting them dry a few days, thinking the roots may need to "Cure" so to speak, I then took the hose and using the "jet" setting, washed the roots, bringing in the cleaned roots and placing them on the wood stove hearth to dry.

I separated and took a photo of what "I think" are the pieces of the original ginger root that I planted in December 2013.  I chose them because they had the darker, bark like "skin".  They still look completely healthy and may also be the root(s) that I choose to once again grow as plant indoors.

Here is a photo of what I presume to be the newly formed ginger roots, some of which are actually "double" layers of root.

I really did not know what to expect when I planted the original root back in December 2013, but "assumed" it would propagate itself similar to potatoes.  After trimming the leaves/shoots at potting soil level and dumping the pot over, I wasn't sure what I'd find.  As you might imagine after seeing the photo, I am VERY pleased with the results of this "experiment" and will soon start the process over again.

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Barb said...

I love cooking with fresh ginger and will definitely try growing some starting this winter. How do you plan on preserving the roots you harvested?