Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Replaced Medicine Cabinet....."

Since we were already having work done in the house to update it, another thing that needed to be replaced was the 3 mirrored panel medicine cabinet.  We'd had trouble with the heavy mirrored doors continually becoming loose and almost falling off the cabinet, so after many attempts at fixing them, we finally removed 2 of the doors and have been living with it open (it has been oh so attractive).  We decided it was time to find a similar cabinet with a better hanging mechanism for its mirrored doors and replace the old cabinet.

Yesterday, Rob and Franklin removed the old cabinet and found the original recessed medicine cabinets empty hole in the wall.  When Don had renovated the bathroom in March of 1995 (as seen painted on the wall in yellow paint), the old cabinet had been removed and just covered over with the new and larger mirrored cabinet.  Inside the hole were dates and signatures of who did what and when, so Rob added yesterdays date and his company's name, Spruce Painting, too.

After prepping the area and adding support inside the hole so the new cabinet would have a secure mount, they hung our new 3 mirrored panel medicine cabinet.  Truthfully, anyone who was familiar with what our bathroom looked like before we started having trouble with the doors would not know this is a new cabinet.  That works for us.......   ;)

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Molly Bee said...

Wow! Everything is looking GREAT! Thought of you today as my toes were toasty warm in the beautiful purple socks you made me! :-)