Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A Little Fiber......"

I started knitting a vest for my daughter in law, Julie, quite awhile ago.  It was taking me ages to knit.....not because it was uninteresting to knit or that I was having trouble with it, but because when listening to my audio books on my iTouch, the voice reading them sounded like the person was talking underwater with an echo.  I kept putting off my knitting because I didn't enjoy listening to my books!

The audio problem was taken care of by Don making an appointment with our Apple store to talk with a technician about the problem.  It was a simple fix of some sort and my iTouch only needed to be hooked up and updated or something along that line.  Some files had somehow become corroded but were put to rights again by the updating.

After that, I was happy once again, listening to audio books and knitting.  The vest I had started for Julie was done in no time....buttons sewn on, and blocked.  Here is a photo of the finished vest.......

The pattern, called "The East to West Vest", is from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill (, located outside of Mount Horeb, WI, which isn't too far from Madison.  The worsted yarn is from their "Colorflow" selection, called Bright Evening.

I also sent Julie a small woven bag that I had received as a gift when I attended the Jason Collingwood's weaving workshop last Spring.  The hostess of the workshop, Anita Hofstrom, wove one of these small bags for each of the class participants.  I thought it might be a perfect size for my Granddaughter, Abigail, and sent it along when I shipped the vest to Julie.  Julie may have to "try it out" first.   ;)


John and Nan said...

Two very nice items. Love the color flow in the vest.

Janice Zindel said...

Beautiful vest, Michael, I'm sure Julie will be pleased! Love all the remodelling you are doing, too, looks wonderful!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Your updating on the house has been FANTASTIC! Are you coming to the Jason class again this year?

Karen and Steve
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Molly Bee said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

julie said...

The vest is so beautiful, the photo does not do the colors justice!