Thursday, December 13, 2007

"The Tree IS Up!"

Not that this photo shows one of my new little chicken ornaments in its best light, but more to prove that I do have the tree up. :) It is nice sitting in the evening (and morning, too!) with the tree lights on, although I do have to have another lamp on if I want to actually see what I am knitting. :)

I'm almost completed with all of my Christmas presents.......I just have to finish what I am working on now, and that won't take too long.

Yesterday was gorgeous! Although still under freezing, there was some melting of the snow, due to the bright sunshine. Today should be about the same but with some flurries possible for tonight. IS December, so what can we expect? It does seem that we have lasting snow earlier, and more of it as well, than usual for what we've seen the past few years. There doesn't seem to be any doubt that we'll have a white Christmas, which I think is a good thing. :)

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