Monday, December 17, 2007

"More Snow Since Then....."

We've had a lot of snow so far this year....and it isn't even Winter yet! This is what it looked like in the middle of last week, but we've had more snow since then....maybe 4" or so. We have also had some beautiful sunny days as well.

Don worked on getting some of the snow off of the roof, using the roof rake on Sunday. I had used it earlier in the week but since we'd had more snow, he wanted to remove more in hopes that the potential "ice damning" on the edge of the roof, would melt. He also continued working on snow removal and shoveled the deck, too. How ambitious, eh? :)

This pile of snow is no longer there, nor are 3 of the chairs either. After raking the roof, he shoveled the deck, removing most of the snow and bringing in 2 chairs from the upper deck, and another from the lower deck (Thanks, Lonnie and Charlie for that one!), into the basement, where they will remain until needed in better weather. He left the 2 that we mainly use, in hopes for sitting outside on some warmer day. We'll make sure we remove snow from them all the time now. This is our first winter with the deck and we didn't think about what we wanted or what we needed to do.............we "think" we now know. :)

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