Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Another Day of "Assembling"..........."

Todays afternoon project was to assemble a large Rubbermaid Storage Shed. I had actually bought it yesterday but it wouldn't fit into our car so I had to leave it there for a later pickup. I was able to get our neighbor, Harold, to agree to drive me in his truck to pick it up this afternoon. Hooray for good neighbors!
Wouldn't you know that it did not have any assembly instructions in the box except for how to install the "optional" pieces, "not" included with the shed.? Once I figured out how it went together, it was very easy to assemble.

I wanted something to store garden tools "closer" to the it seems when the tools are stored in the garage as they have been, somehow they never got put back to their assigned spot. Yep, I am guilty of not taking the time to properly store tools as they should be. If nothing else, the garage will stay much more organized without the garden tools cluttering it up.

It fit nicely up against the house on the far side of the house. Today I will move my gardening tools into it which will "de-clutter" the garage.  ;)

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