Sunday, July 6, 2014

FarmCurious Fermenting Set.......

A few months back, one of the groups I belong to on Facebook had a posting about a product called "FarmCurious Fermenting Set".  It was not available at the time, but I kept an eye on the product and was able to order it last week. (

You may recall that Don and I took a class offered through our local food co-op, Oryana, on "Fermenting".  It was a "hands on" class and we made or own quart of sauerkraut.  Because of that class, I planted a dozen heads of cabbage in one of my raised beds this Spring and plan on making sauerkraut here at home.

That little piece of background information brings us up to date on this new product that I think will be a VERY helpful in my making our sauerkraut here at home.

Here is the flyer inside the FarmCurious Fermenting Set.  It's not just for making sauerkraut.  ;)

Each set consists of 2 lids, each with its own air lock set up, which allows gas from the fermenting process to escape the jar.  I am hopeful that I will be able to find half gallon Mason jars so that I can ferment larger batches of sauerkraut than individual quarts.

I purchased 2 sets, which will allow me to ferment 4 jars of produce at a time.

Here is a close up of the lid with its rubber sealing ring, and airlock with cork (the "cork" is actually called a "bung", via our beer home brewing shop).

When in use, the lid from the airlock is removed and a small amount of water is used in the larger part of the airlock, which will allow gas to escape (via the central plastic tube through the bung) from underneath the center plastic piece, but keep any outside oxygen and/or pollutants from getting back into the fermenting area.

I am looking forward to putting these kits to good use.  ;)

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