Friday, December 18, 2015

"After a LONG Hiatus..........."

Good snowy morning to one and all! After being absent for so long, I thought I should write a short post to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season.

We had snow earlier this winter, but after that snowfall we enjoyed warmer temperatures, melting all that had accumulated. This morning brought snow with it and it now is beginning "to look a lot like Christmas"........for awhile anyway. Who knows what turn the weather will take by next Friday.

Here is a photo of this mornings snowfall......

Our girls are none too happy with this change in the weather. Not one of them has ventured outside sine the snow began. I took this photo from the kitchen window, thus the "screen" shot. :)

Don sent me this photo taken by our "Chicken Cam" of all 10 girls and their version of how a snow day should be spent.  :)

Enjoy the end of 2015 and anticipate a very happy 2016!


Barb said...

Thanks Michael, you too!

Unknown said...

Looks like your blogging has gone like mine. What is it? FB is to quick and easy to plant thoughts? But I really miss blogging and reading thoughtful blogs. Got a new computer today, so when I get everything transferred to it on Monday maybe I will be inspired to get back in gear and get some writing done. My old computer has gotten to tricky on me and often deletes half of what I just wrote. So here's to a good 2016 to all my blogger friends!

dc said...

Just wanted to let you know I logged into Blogspot with this tablet and all was good so I left a short post. Anxious to get new computer back. Look out 2016!