Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"A Monday Happy Hour...."

Former neighbors Kristina and Kristin stopped by last night, and of course, a happy hour was held in honor of their visit.  ;)  Here is Kristina talking with Rob..........

And Kristin showing photos to Charlie.......

Don took a better photo of the whole group, but former neighbor Andy ruined it with his classic gesture, "flying the bird", so I chose this one instead.   ;)

It was a very nice gathering, especially since it was held on an "off" night.  ;)  We will be doing this again next Monday, too, when my oldest son and family are here for a short visit.  If you are available, come join us and meet my son, Patrick, daughter in law, Julie, and granddaughter, Abigail!

Monday, July 30, 2012

"Penny's Birthday Breakfast......"

Our good friend Penny had a "special" birthday last Friday.  Don had taken the day off so we invited Penny and Sheila to go out for breakfast.  Happily, they accepted.

In preparation for Penny's birthday, I wove her a silk scarf using a 100% silk lace weight yarn.  I've used this silk before and had woven a scarf in plain weave using only 1 skein.  I found out (which I should have known) that weaving a twill pattern uses more yarn and had to make an emergency run to Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in Mount Horeb on Tuesday!

I finished weaving her scarf on Wednesday, twisted the fringe, wet finished and blocked it that evening, then waited for it to dry.

By the way, I wove it using my Ashford, 8 shaft, 24" Table Loom.......

We met Penny and Sheila at Manna, a favorite breakfast place of theirs.

After we ate, it was time for the birthday girl to open her present.  To add some anticipation, Don had set her present on the table next to her, where it sat until breakfast was eaten!  LOL

I'm happy to say that Penny was very pleased with her scarf.

Woven by "this little old weaver", me.   ;)

I learned a few things from this weaving experience.  #1- A twill pattern uses more yarn.  #2- A twill scarf is a bit heavier/thicker.

Although too heavy to be the Summer scarf I had envisioned, Penny tells me it will be perfect for Fall with it's slightly thicker weave.

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Baby Shower......"

Nate, a co-worker of Dons, and his wife Jaime, were given a baby shower Wednesday by his fellow department members.  How appropriate is this first gift they received?  DFM stands for Department of Family Medicine.

Nate's "job" was to read the cards and Jaime's was to open the packages.  Jaime prepares to open the gift from us......

I knitted them a baby blanket......

Kathy, who organized the shower...........

Crocheted Nate and Jaime a baby blanket, too.

Kathy was a "tad" upset because the room that had been scheduled for the shower was found to be occupied by a "NON-SCHEDULED" group, so the shower had to be moved at the last minute (literally!) to this room, which gave it more of a "seminar setting".  Here is a photo of the other attendees (current co-workers and some retirees as well).

I was pleased to be able to "catch up" with Sandy (of Sandy and Rod- http://madcitymike.blogspot.com/2011/07/rod-and-sandys-new-house.html).

Kathy did a wonderful job (especially with the last minute move) of organizing the gathering.  Nate and Jaime are a very nice couple and we all look forward to their baby's arrival.....oh.....they are expecting a little girl in case you didn't get that when seeing Kathy's crocheted blanket.   ;)  We all wish them the very best!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"A Bit Of Wind......"

The weather radio woke me up a little after midnight with a warning of a thunderstorm with possible high winds and hail.  Seems we did get the high winds.  Don took these photos on the bike/pedestrian path while walking in to work.  He also said that Edgewood College lost yet another tree during this storm.  They have lost some big trees due to storms in the last few years, but planning for the future, they have been replacing the removed ones, too.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"One We All Could Get Behind......"

Saw this on Facebook this morning.................                                                                         

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"A Going Away Party......."

Neighbors John and Kira, and their 2 children are moving to Portland, OR in a few weeks.  They had a big going away party last Sunday which Don and I attended.  It was yet another good time here in the neighborhood.  We got to sit and chat with some neighbors we don't see very often, plus enjoy some really good food, too.  Food seems to be the center of all our social events, doesn't it?   ;)

Their large house, along with a smaller 1 bedroom house which sits behind theirs, will be rented out until a later date when they plan on putting the properties up for sale.  Kira had brought the renters of their large house to meet us during a happy hour, and Don met the guy who is renting the small house at the party.  They all seem a good addition to the neighborhood.

John, who is originally from California, hauled this old wooden boat of his Grandmother's, to their Midwestern yard.  The guy renting the small house (sorry, I don't know his name) has been busy building a dock (and deck) next to the boat.  It was a big hit during the party.   ;)  

And not only by the "little" kids......"bigger" kids enjoyed it, too........

I wonder who spent the most time in the boat......Don or some of the "little" kids?   ;)

I'm joined by neighbor, Loren, for a bite to eat.  As you can see, our seats were lengths of logs and our table was an old stone grinding wheel(?).

Don finally gave up his seat in the boat and then took this really nice family portrait of Lonny and Charlie, with son, Griffin.

We say all the time that Griffin is the happiest little guy we have ever seen.  This photo helps support our claim........   ;)

As you can tell, our time at the party revolved around the area of the boat.  :)  It was another good time in the neighborhood, even though it was held to say goodbye.......

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Eat For Equity/ Eat For DAIS!"

Don and I were invited to a fundraising event for DAIS (http://abuseintervention.org/), hosted by friends, Marti and Rebecca, last Saturday night.  Eat For Equity sponsored the event (http://eatforequity.org/), an organization that uses "food" as a way to help raise funds for various causes.

DAIS is beginning to raise funds so that a larger facility be available to help those in domestic abuse situations find a safe place for themselves and their children.  Here are the proposed plans......

Chef's Casey and Stephanie, in Rebecca and Marti's kitchen preparing the "family style" meal for the event........

Yes, here I am sticking my nose in the kitchen......and Rebecca actually REWARDING me for it!   ;)

A few photos with some of its participants.....

Yes, Rebecca and Marti's house was designed having a garage door with a huge screen along one kitchen wall, to "bring in the outdoors", which it does very well.   ;)

The menu of the evening was (double click to enlarge)......

I have photographs a few of the courses, which I can say with all sincerity, were DELICIOUS!!

Don and I had a wonderful time....meeting new people, seeing friends, having interesting conversations, and eating delicious food.  What more could anyone ask for, eh?

A HUGE thanks to Stephanie and Casey, for creating and serving a buffet of delicious and healthy foods, and to Marti and Rebecca for graciously opening their house to host this remarkable event.  A fantastic time was had by all.......

**My thanks to Stephanie for the use of some of her photos (which I didn't ask to use prior to borrowing them.....PLEASE forgive me?)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Those Little Tomato Eaters......

We have 6 tomato plants and have lost as many green tomatoes in the past week.  Next door neighbor Rob, helped me attach netting around all of the 6 plants/cages, but the next morning I walked out to find a chipmunk inside with the plants!  War had been declared!  Don set the live trap with peanut butter, which they do love, and I have given 4 chipmunks (in 2 days!) a one way ride out of town.

A photo of this cute little guy before his trip.....doesn't he look excited to be moving to a new home?

This morning, Don came in to let me know the peanut butter was eaten from the trap, but unfortunately, the culprit was able to get in and out without tripping the trap!  The war continues......

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Birthday Girl......"

Our neighbor Charlie's birthday was last week so I baked brownies to celebrate it at last Friday's Happy Hour.
Here is a nice photo of our birthday girl with son Griffin in the background......

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Another Bumper Sticker....."

Don saw this on the back of new neighbor Joe's truck.  As you can imagine, he and his wife Meghan fit into the neighborhood quite well.   ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Water Walkers........"

Monona, WI, hosted the "Lake Monona Water Walk Community Festival" (http://lakemononawaterwalk.org/), which began last Friday night.  Don and I went to Winnequah Park on Saturday to hear a few of the guest speakers.  The person we were most interested in hearing was Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, an Anishinawbe, which, if I understand correctly, is part of the Ojibway Nation.  She, along with other women from her tribe, and eventually men for "balance" (spiritually), initiated the 1st of several walks around The Great Lakes and lastly, the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Here is Grandmother Josephine speaking at Saturday's event.  She told her story of how the "water walkers" came into being, all in hopes of raising awareness to the peril of our natural lakes and streams water quality.  Please click on the link above to read the entire story (under "about").

A 15 mile walk around Lake Monona was scheduled for Sunday, in which Don participated.  Sunday dawned bright and beautiful with a bit cooler temperature than what the previous few mornings had been.  A good omen.   ;)

The days events began at Frost Woods Beach on Lake Monona, at 6:30 AM with a Sunrise Ceremony Water Blessing led by Grandmother Josephine.  Several others followed her and gave blessings as well.  In all honesty, Don and I did not stay for those, but left and went out to breakfast.  The walk around the Lake would start at 9:30 AM, so after breakfast, I drove Don back to Frost Woods Beach where he took the next few photos.  Prior to the walk beginning, a Native American drum ceremony took place......

Grandmother Josephine is joined in dance by (I think!) a member of the Ho Chunk Tribe.

Grandmother Josephine's son, Gabriel, who also participated in the ceremony, is in the plaid shirt.  He also led the walkers for most of the walk.......

After driving home, I hung out for awhile, then rode my bike to meet up with the "Water Walkers" along their route.  With the modern convenience of cell phones, Don was able to tell me where they were so I wouldn't be riding around aimlessly in my search for them.  I rode along with them for awhile, then back home.  I would be at Frost Woods Beach when the water walkers arrived back, but I had a commitment to meet with my Mens Knitting Group first.   ;)

The walk took longer than anticipated but having met up with the walkers on my way to the beach, I knew they would be later than originally expected.  I had my iPad with me so I sat and read my current book.

There was a short closing ceremony at the beach.  Pictured are Dianne' (organizer of the weekends events), Gabriel, Grandmother Josephine.

Granted I did not participate in the water walk, but none the less, I did enjoy the 2 days of events.  Have a good one!   ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

"A Sign and a Bumper Sticker......"

Don and drove to Mt. Horeb on the 4th of July to eat at the Grumpy Troll (http://www.thegrumpytroll.com/).  The bar across from the Troll had this sign in its window.  We thought it was quite clever.   ;)

On Saturday, we drove over to the east side of Madison to go out to eat again, deciding to stop at One barrel Brewing Company (http://onebarrelbrewing.com/), which had just opened the day before, before continuing on to Glass Nickel Pizza (http://www.glassnickelpizza.com/).  After leaving One Barrel (which, by the way, was a great place and we highly recommend it!), we saw this bumper sticker on a car parked next to us and had to have a photo of it.  Were truer words ever printed?  We loved it!   ;)

I also like the lower one, too........

Monday, July 2, 2012

"Lonny's Birthday Happy Hour....."

I'm a bit behind on "current" events due to the length of the House of the Rock posts, so here is my quick "catch up".

Our neighbor, Lonny, celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago and his wife, Charlie, made sure it was celebrated at our Happy Hour, too.  Here she is bringing his cake to the deck......

Here is a close up.  Doesn't it look tasty?

Here is the Birthday Boy, Charlie, and son Griffin during the "blow out".   ;)

Birthday Boy Lonny once again with his cake.  Notice he is using Griffin's fork.....   ;)

We had a very nice turn out at HH that night, too.  Perhaps everyone heard there would be cake?

Don had to take 2 photos to get most of the group in, although a few still got left out as they were sitting to Don's lower right.

A good time was had by all......so unusual, eh?  NOT!   LOL
Again, a Happy Birthday to Lonny and hopes for many, many more!